Elle Jolie – Innocent flower

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Elle is one of the youngest stars at sex station tv, she has been there for quite a while now and hell she doesnt look a day older. This super hot teen would satisfy any old man’s need within seconds!

Wearing white undies Ella slowly starts stripping them off. Taking piece at a time off her petite gorgious body… after removing her bra you can see those perky tits in its full glory.

I can just imagine putting her hands far against that mirror and teasingly use one hand to take off her very small gstring… let it drop to her knees (her legs would already be spread shoulder width) then using my foot to step it down to the floor…

Gently I would throb my cock into her tight pussy and fuck till my cum comes to a near after which I would turn her around to suck my cock. Just long enough till I come on her sexy perky tits.